Canadian HealthTech AI Innovator Finds New Potential Investors For Just $0.47 Per Click!

About AI/ML Innovations Inc

This Canadian based health tech innovator is focused on pairing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with emerging companies in the digital healthcare space.

Target Demografic

- Individuals who have shown interest in capital markets, investing, finance.

- Overlapping interest in investing with interest in health and health tech related content.

- Targeting the entire US and Canada with the top locations being New York, Toronto and Vancouver.


- Create awareness and generate excitement about AI/ML to new potential investors and shareholders.

- Raise the company’s profile by showcasing their early success and growth potential in the digital health space.

- Generate clicks and drive traffic to AI/ML’s investor page.


Bespoke YouTube video ad to generate curiosity and ultimately clicks to learn more about AI/ML. The video utilized the hype around several recent big mergers in the HealthTech space to generate excitement about the future potential in the industry.

Secondary purpose of the video was to increase interest in order to optimize time spent and second clicks on site.


Target spend was $11,500

Due to solid metrics the budget was raised and ultimate $28,092.26 was spent on the campaign.


Very Low Cost Traffic

Unique Visitors: 27,118

Cost Per Visitor: $0.48

We also measured the rate and cost of second clicks and actions after visitors hit AI/ML’s investor page.

2nd Clicks/Actions: 430

Cost Per Action: $29.99