North American Junior Lithium Miner Exposed To New Potential Investors For Just $23.78 Per Qualified Lead!

About Surge Battery Metals

This North American junior miner and exploration company is focused on battery metals that will advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) to create a cleaner future.

Target Demografic

- Individuals who have shown interest in capital markets, investing, finance.

- Specifically targeting people interested in EVs, Tesla and Tesla investors.

- Targeting the entire US and Canada with the top locations being New York, Toronto and Vancouver.


- Create awareness and generate excitement about Surge Battery Metals to new potential investors and shareholders.

- Raise the company’s profile by showcasing the success of their Nevada lithium projects

- Generate clicks and drive traffic to AI/ML’s investor page.


Due to the location of their projects in Nevada, a stone throw away from Tesla’s Gigafactory, we relied heavily on the connection between EV adoption and lithium demand, as well as Tesla’s success in the stock market.

Our bespoke YouTube video ad was designed to generate cheap clicks as well as generate curiosity in order to optimize time spent on and second clicks generated on Surge Battery Metals’ investors page.


Target spend was $28,000

Due to solid metrics this budget was also raised and ultimate $35,843.41 was spent on the entire campaign.


In a very short time span this campaign sent over 40,000 people to Surge Battery Metals’ investor page

Unique Visitors: 40,113

Cost Per Visitor: $0.85

And these visitors were interested in learning more and potentially investing, with nearly 1,500 of them taking action on page.

2nd Clicks/Actions: 1,429

Cost Per Action: $23.78